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What is it within you that can enable you to BE (not just DO) all you can BE as a Personal and Executive Leader?

Your answer will enhance your leadership. I can coach you to discover the answer within you.


I Am Lewis Brown Griggs, An Experienced Personal & Executive Leadership Coach and Facilitator Based In the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

My best contribution today, after forty years of being an early Leader in the Diversity Consciousness field, is simply coaching individually or facilitating in small groups other straight white men like me to experience the personal self-interest and professional benefit of authentically Valuing – not just tolerating – the individual Diversity, legitimate Equity, interpersonal Inclusion, and personal Belonging of all with whom we live and work. Rather than leading or managing from only the left-frontal lobe, having heartfelt relationships with employees based on mutual understanding enables them to both BE and then DO all they are capable of as individuals within your team.

“I Coach Other white men like Me to overcome personal limitations Standing Between our personal & Executive leadership.”

Lewis Brown Griggs
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One-on-One or Small Group Personal & Executive Leadership Coaching

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I've been a Leader in Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging since the '80's

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I'm an MBA and Certified Leadership Coach

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