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Valuing Diversity ® Series

"An essential series for any company interested in turning its diverse workforce into a competitive advantage."
- Hewlett Packard

Overview of Valuing Diversity® Series

We now know that organizations with the greatest competitive advantage are those which make the best use of their diverse human resources. Valuing Diversity® helps organizations effectively manage their workforce by exploring issues around race, culture, ethnicity, sexism, ageism, disability, and sexual orientation. It will improve communication, managing and supervising across differences.

This seven-part, award winning series of DVDs, Videos and Guides:

  • targets all organizational levels: leaders, managers, supervisors, employees
  • presents diversity as a bottom-line business opportunity
  • provides models for improving interactions between diverse individuals
  • encourages the user to take the initiative for his or her own development
  • provides managers, employees, and students with tools for improving their performance in the multicultural setting
  • explores dynamics that cause problems among people who are different

America's work force is changing, are you?

Trend-analysts agree that in the coming years, organizations with the competitive advantage will be those that make the best use of their human resources. However, many of today's managers and employees are ill-equipped to deal with the dramatic changes occurring in the American workplace. Traditional management methods, models of organizational behavior and recent management fads have too often assumed a homogeneous workforce. In contrast, today's workers include women and men of all cultures and backgrounds. Diversity has replaced homogeneity: people of different ages, races, ethnic and national backgrounds, physical abilities, and lifestyles.

How well do you manage diversity and work with people who are different?

Organization experts and experienced managers agree that managing diversity and working with people who are different is more difficult. The task certainly seems more complex than managing and working with people who share the same perspectives, motivations, and work styles. Dealing with diversity requires a great deal of self-awareness, sensitivity, and skill. Valuing diversity requires a thoughtful application of standard practices as well as the ability to change current policies, systems, and behaviors to adapt to the needs of a diverse workforce. For most managers and employees, managing diversity and succeeding in the multicultural workplace will require a change of both work and social habits.


Diversity Training Workshops

Buy the whole Valuing Diversity ® series and begin a process of change:

Managing Differences
Diversity At Work
Communicating Across Cultures
You Make The Difference
Supervising Differences
Champions Of Diversity
Profiles In Change

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