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Going International ® Series

"Fascinating and very important."
-Diane Sawyer, CBS Morning News

"Each year billions of dollars are lost because businesses either ignore or are unaware of the customs and traditions of their international partners."

Overview of Going International®.

This series will prepare you for the cultural adjustments required to successfully execute your international assignment. Each title in this series deals with specific aspects of international adjustment. Through examples of real life experiences, video drama, practical suggestions, and theoretical discussion, the films provide comprehensive guidelines for making a successful adjustment to living and doing business abroad.

Using This Product

A brief users guide is provided as a supplement to the material presented in the film series.

Going International® used in conjunction with the title Global Contrast from our Human Energy At Work ® video series helps pinpoint areas where you need to learn more and suggests ways you can do so.

With a positive attitude, and open mind, you will make your international assignments not only a success, but also an exciting and enriching experience.

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Bridging The Culture Gap
Managing The Overseas Assignment
Beyond Culture Shock
Welcome Home, Stranger
Working In The USA
Living In The USA
Going International - Safely

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