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Choose from 10 Course Options

1. You Make the Difference: Employees Take Responsibility- For all Employees who want to learn how to manage their careers and leverage their potential in the multi-cultured workplace without sacrificing personal values.

2. Communicating Across Differences- For all Employees who want to improve their communication skills across cultures and build effective relationships across differences.

3. Supervising and Managing Differences- For Supervisors, Managers, Team Leaders, and Line Management who want to take responsibility to create high performance personal, interpersonal and organizational behaviors.

4. Champions of Change: Creating, Managing, Valuing and Leveraging Diversity- For Strategist, Leaders, Change Agents and Diversity Task Groups who want to learn to define the challenge, create the vision, develop the strategy, design and even deliver the training, to baseline measurements and benchmarking.

5. The Valuing Diversity® Training System - For Strategist, Train-the Trainers, and Facilitators who want to master the 10 step diversity journey and create a Personalized "Tool Box."

6. Valuing Relationship®':The 'Next Step' and 'How To' of Managing Change For Leaders, Managers, Teams and Employees who want to learn to manage relationship dynamics across differences and during times of stress and change.Your organization prides itself in having created diversity but can you relate effectively across your differences?

7. Creating and Managing High Performance Diverse Teams- For Leaders and Team members who want to build high performance diverse teams in the cross-cultural domestic and global context.

8. Managing Sexual Dynamics and Preventing Harassment- For Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Trainers and Employees who want to prevent sexual harassment and hostile work environment.

9. Managing Global Cross-Cultural Work Relationships and Communications: For Leaders, Managers, Teams and Employees who want to learn to recognize and manage cultural contrasts at four levels: national, organizational, team and individual.

10. No Potential Lost®: Developing Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness using CBT training- For Strategist, Change Agents, Human Resource Personnel, Train-the Trainers, Facilitators and Employees who want to use the CBT 'No Potential Lost®CD-ROM series effectively.

OTHER COURSES: Work with us to customize your own course using our award-wining experts and leading edge training tools.

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