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Organizations with the greatest competitive advantage make the best use of their diverse human resources. To leverage this diversity requires training and sensitivity. Since 1983 Griggs Productions has pioneered diversity training in over 6000 corporations, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Benefit from award-winning training videos & e-learning programs. Leverage diversity, culture, relationship and spirit as a personal, interpersonal and organizational opportunity. Lewis Brown Griggs is a recognized Legend of Diversity. Schedule Lewis as your next Keynote Speaker, Diversity Trainer or Executive Coach.

Lewis Brown Griggs

Speaker / Trainer / Executive Coach

Is our Human Spirit at Work?

Click here to watch Lewis
present his TEDx talk
"The Gift of Near Death"

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Click here to listen to Lewis interviewed
by Moriah Fay for
"Love's the Magic"

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Click here to listen to fellow NDEer Jessica Haynes
of interview Lewis.

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Click here to listen to Richard Andrews
of QuestPoint N The Mix interview Lewis.

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Click here to listen to an interview
with Lewis on Quality News Network's
"America Back on Track"

Closed-Captioned DVDs and Internet/Intranet
e-Learning Program

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