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Q. What type of video products do you carry?
A. We carry a broad selection of video and CD titles that focus on workplace diversity, cross-cultural and global themes. All training modules include an in-depth User's Guide for greater training and learning effectiveness.

Q. What's the average running time of your DVDs and Videos?
A. The average running time on all video products is 30 minutes.

Q. What video format are the videos?
A. VHS (NTSC and PAL) or DVD

Q. Can I get your videos in other languages besides English?
A. Yes, we can caption any video for international use. Please call us for an exact quote and to find out which languages are available.

Q. How is just watching a video supposed to make a lasting difference?
A. Our videos are designed to make you think, to create an awareness of each individual's own thoughts and feelings as opposed to teaching "skills" which may or may not be applicable to all situations. Our award winning videos are supported by in-depth user's guides. These guides assist the facilitators by providing discussion questions, sample lesson plans, other resource information, transcripts of videos, etc.

Q. What if I can't find any specific videos or programs that address my particular organizational needs?
A. We can tailor solutions to your specific needs. You tell us the issues you are addressing and we can edit our videos to include dramas reflecting issues that are of concern to you, work with your production staff to include footage of your organization, or work with you to develop new materials.

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Intranet Course Related:

The Potential Is Yours ® Course

Q. What computer requirements are necessary to run this program?
A. For a full list of requirements, go to our technical requirements section.

Q. Who created the content?
A. Griggs Productions Inc., in conjunction with respected scholars, clinical psychologists, organizational development experts from major corporate entities and leaders in diversity designed this award winning program.

Q. What content does The Potential Is Yours® cover?
A. The Potential Is Yours® is divided into three modules, each containing six activities and ten matching questions.

  1. Module One: Personal Effectiveness deals with masking, stereotyping and other behaviors that sabotage one's performance.
  2. Module Two: Interpersonal Effectiveness will improve your team building, conflict management, customer relations and other interpersonal skills.
  3. Module Three: Organizational Effectiveness examines behaviors that have become institutionalized and have consequences for the whole organization.

Q. How long does it take to complete?
A. This program is very rich and flexible. It may take some learners up to three hours to complete all three modules. Others may finish faster. The program can bookmark your place so that the entire program need not be finished at one sitting.

Q. How difficult is it to install?
A. For use on your company's intranet, installation on your network server merely requires a simple installation. You may also choose to access the program through the internet.

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CD-ROM Related:

Q. What hardware do I need to use your cd-roms?
A. For a full list of specifications, go to our cd-rom technical requirements

Q. What computer platforms can I run your cd-roms on?
A. Windows 95, Windows NT, Macintosh

Q. What exactly is No Potential Lost ®?
A. No Potential Lost ® is a three part CD-ROM series which will help you become aware and sensitive of behaviors that can enhance and deplete your work performance. It will help you "relate effectively across differences" and it will increase your ability to succeed in the diverse work and marketplace.

Q. What if I have never used a multimedia CD-ROM program before?
A. If you have never used a multimedia CD-ROM program before, relax and take your time. Listen, read and watch for instructions. Use your mouse. You are about to experience the reality of multimedia learning. There will be video, animation, graphics, audio, and text happening before you. This is all captured on a little disc, easily accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

Q. What is on each disc?
A. Here's a very brief summary:

  1. Disc One: Personal Effectiveness deals with masking, stereotyping and other behaviors that sabotage one's performance.
  2. Disc Two: Interpersonal Effectiveness will improve your team building, conflict management, customer relations and other interpersonal skills.
  3. Disc Three: Organizational Effectiveness examines behaviors that have become institutionalized and have consequences for the whole organization.

Q. How long does each No Potential Lost ® disc take to complete?
A. Expect about three to four hours of learning on each disc. Our CD-ROM's are a very rich and flexible learning tools. Expect about three to four hours of learning on each disc. We recommend that you explore about 45 minutes at a time, take a short break, and then come back to it or leave it for another session. It is unlikely that you will ever want to explore an entire disc at one time, just as you would seldom read any book from cover to cover in one sitting. (Like a good book, however, you may find that you don't want to put it down.

Q. Does No Potential Lost ® follow a traditional classroom training experience?
A. Do not expect this to be a linear classroom training experience. The design is random exploration; there are different branches and you can go wherever you want (unless otherwise instructed by a teacher or facilitator). Sometimes the program runs itself, especially when you are watching a video. Other times you have to make active choices before something happens.

Q. Can No Potential Lost® be used in a classroom training situation?
A. Yes; It is an excellent classroom tool. A facilitator can target a variety of activities to be worked on and discuss various solutions. Use the cd with various display devices for a classroom setting.

Q. What are the benefits of your No Potential Lost® computer based training?
A. There are several benefits. Because our media is interactive, there are no passive learners. Active learning significantly increases understanding and retention. There is greater flexibility in tailoring training time to each individual. Also, this series reduces costs associated with training: time, materials costs, stand up trainers time, plan preparation and program development costs. See a complete analysis of the benefits.

Q. How should I prepare myself for this kind of learning?
A. Approach our CD-ROM series as you would any new journey. Some things will be familiar. Others will be unfamiliar, unexpected, even strange. You will enjoy some activities more than others, but the journey as a whole will be rich and rewarding. You can prepare yourself by carefully studying the maps of each disc and then planning where to go (your manager or supervisor may even have made some recommendations). On the other hand, you may just want to begin, take some risks, and click and discover as you go along. You can stop when you like, consider issues that come up for you, discuss things with a colleague(s) working with you, and then move on.

Q. Okay, so I have the 3 discs. Where should I begin?
A. Start with the program most appropriate to your current needs and then move to other parts in the series. Always begin by listening carefully to the introduction and navigation guidelines. Be alert for screen and audio instructions and remember to explore the screen with your mouse. Keep in mind the help function included on the disc (found in the HELP hand). Over time, you can use all three parts of the series to build a solid foundation for lasting change. Think of this learning process as "Gentle rain over time, rather than a thunderstorm on barren land."

Q. Can you tell me more about multimedia?
A. Multimedia is made possible by building a "digital engine". This engine allows many different parts (video, audio, and graphics) to interact and produce a multimedia experience on-screen. Sometimes, however, the parts will 'collide' and the screen may not react as it should. This is normal and expected, so relax and continue if you come across minor technical 'hiccups'.

Q. Can my own computer's capabilities affect the performance of the CD-ROM's?
A. Yes; Take note that your own computer's capabilities can also affect the performance and that the program will never run exactly the same way from one machine to another. In addition, keep in mind that if you start to click fast and indiscriminately, you may quickly lose control of computer action. If you get confused or lost, or if the program does not react as you think it should, simply move out of the activity by clicking the MAP hand once (a navigation tool), and then return to what you were doing.

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Order and Shipping Related:

Q. Once I place an order, how long does it take to arrive?
A. We ship standard UPS ground within 24 hours of placing your order--average delivery time is 3-4 business days unless "rush" shipping is requested (Next Day or 2nd Day Air).

Q. Do you have a preview policy?
A. We have a 5-DAY preview policy which allows customer's to evaluate any product 'up front'. We will also extend the preview time at the request of the customer.

Q. Is there a cut-off time to place an order?
A. Yes...3 pm Pacific Standard Time

Q. How do I purchase product(s)?
A. Contact our account representatives to place an order (415) 750-5100 or email us!

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Other Related:

Q. Can you provide me with references?
A. Yes...I can provide you with as many references as needed. We have an extensive list of customers (and sponsors)which include top Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Chevron to name a few.

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