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No Potential Lost ® CD-ROM Series

  • 4 disk multimedia journey
  • 100+ Interactive activities
  • For classroom and individual learning
  • Improve customer and workplace relations, creativity and teamwork
  • Prevent costly losses: stop ignorance, discrimination, stereotyping, sexism, and racism
  • Tracking capabilities, captioning, printable resources, electronic notepad for feedback, and much more... Potential Lost ® CD-ROM Series
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Overview of the 3 Disk No Potential Lost ® series (Personal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Organizational Effectiveness):
 Disk One: Personal Effectiveness, for all employees, deals with masking, stereotyping and other behaviors that sabotage performance
Disk Two: Interpersonal Effectiveness, for team leaders, supervisors and managers, will improve your team building, conflict management, customer relations and other interpersonal skills.
Disk Three: Organizational Effectiveness, for managers, examines behaviors that have become institutionalized and have consequences for the whole organization
Disk Four: The Potential is Yours introductory course for entry level users.


Learn about Culture

Cultural contrasts are a real challenge in the multicultural and global workplace, creating both opportunities and barriers. Participants will learn to respect cultural differences, ask cultural questions of themselves and assess whether "cultural ways of being" may be leading to misunderstandings or miscommunication. 

Value and Manage Diversity

diversityDiversity brings new ideas, experiences, perspectives, etc., to individuals, teams and organizations. No Potential Lost® demonstrates to the participant the opportunities and challenges that relating across difference brings. This multimedia series teaches skills to decrease the diversity noise that sometimes comes with differences (sexism, racism, assumptions, bias, ageism, etc.). Diversity is approached from personal, interpersonal and organizational perspectives in the series.


Build Relationships across Differences

No Potential Lost® helps participants build authentic work relationships across differences through a multimedia learning experience. It will help individuals, teams, and organizations to perform to a fuller capacity. This series deals with depleting and enhancing relationship challenges in the workplace (conflict, trust, participation, openness, collusion, discrimination, control, manipulation, mistrust, etc.). Work relationships are approached from personal, interpersonal and organizational perspectives in the series. 

Performance Related Energyenergy

Participants will begin to understand how diversity, relationship and cultural patterns impact performance related energy in the workplace. Participants will begin to actively manage dynamics that affect potential, and thereby improve customer and employee relations, increase creativity and innovation, and prevent costly losses at all levels.

Provide a flexible and cost effective tool to empower organizations, teams and individuals to perform to their fullest potential. Promotes effective learning through interactive multimedia tools (video, graphics, animation, sound, text and virtual reality).

Featuring the latest in learning technology, No Potential Lost® links diversity issues, relationship dynamics and cultural differences to the bottom line issue of personal, interpersonal, and organizational effectiveness. Build a foundation to ensure the success of your other training themes.

Diversity Training Workshop: No Potential Lost ® Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness 

No Potential Lost® Series:
Disk One: Personal Effectiveness
Disk Two: Interpersonal Effectiveness
Disk Three: Organizational Effectiveness

The Potential Is Yours ( an entry level summary of all three disks)

Why not get the No Potential Lost® Sample Packet in a pdf format (477k)?

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